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FX::FXFontDesc Struct Reference

Font description. More...

#include <FXFont.h>

Public Member Functions

void setFont (const FXString &string)
 Flags. More...
FXString getFont () const
 Get string of font description.

Public Attributes

FXchar face [116]
FXushort size
 Face name.
FXushort weight
 Size in deci-points (one point is 1/72 inch)
FXushort slant
 Weight [light, normal, bold, ...].
FXushort setwidth
 Slant [normal, italic, oblique, ...].
FXushort encoding
 Set width [normal, condensed, expanded, ...].
FXushort flags
 Encoding of character set.

Detailed Description

Font description.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setFont()

void FX::FXFontDesc::setFont ( const FXString string)


Set font description from a string

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