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FX::FXJSONFile Class Reference

Serialize a variant to or from JSON formatted file. More...

#include <FXJSONFile.h>

Inheritance diagram for FX::FXJSONFile:

Public Member Functions

 FXJSONFile ()
 Create JSON file i/o object.
 FXJSONFile (const FXString &filename, Direction d=Load, FXuval sz=4096)
 Create JSON file i/o object and open it.
FXbool open (FXInputHandle h, Direction d=Load, FXuval sz=4096)
 Open JSON file from given handle for direction d.
FXbool open (const FXString &filename, Direction d=Load, FXuval sz=4096)
 Open JSON file for direction d.
virtual FXbool fill ()
 Fill buffer from file. More...
virtual FXbool flush ()
 Flush buffer to file. More...
virtual FXbool close ()
 Close JSON file and delete buffers.
virtual ~FXJSONFile ()
 Close JSON file.
- Public Member Functions inherited from FX::FXJSON
 Construct JSON serializer.
 FXJSON (FXchar *data, FXuval sz=4096, Direction d=Load)
 Construct JSON serializer and open for direction d. More...
FXbool open (FXchar *data=NULL, FXuval size=4096, Direction d=Load)
 Open JSON stream for given direction d. More...
Direction direction () const
 Return direction in effect.
FXuval size () const
 Return size of parse buffer.
Error load (FXVariant &variant)
 Load a variant from stream. More...
Error save (const FXVariant &variant)
 Save a variant to stream. More...
FXint getLine () const
 Return current line number.
FXint getColumn () const
 Return current column number.
void setNumericPrecision (FXint p)
 Floating point output precision control.
FXint getNumericPrecision () const
void setNumericFormat (FXint f)
 Floating point output precision control.
FXint getNumericFormat () const
void setOutputFlow (FXint f)
 Change output flow format (Stream, Compact, Pretty). More...
FXint getOutputFlow () const
void setIndentation (FXint d)
 Change indentation level for pretty print flow, the amount of indentation applied for each level.
FXint getIndentation () const
void setLineWrap (FXint w)
 Change column at which lines are wrapped.
FXint getLineWrap () const
virtual ~FXJSON ()
 Close JSON stream and clean up.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from FX::FXJSON
enum  Error {
  ErrOK, ErrSave, ErrLoad, ErrToken,
  ErrColon, ErrComma, ErrBracket, ErrBrace,
  ErrQuotes, ErrNumber, ErrEnd
enum  Flow { Stream, Compact, Pretty }
enum  Direction { Stop = 0, Save = 1, Load = 2 }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FX::FXJSON
static const FXchar * getError (Error err)
 Returns error code for given error.
- Protected Attributes inherited from FX::FXJSON
FXchar * begptr
FXchar * endptr
FXchar * sptr
FXchar * rptr
FXchar * wptr
FXint token
FXint column
FXint indent
FXint line
FXint wrap
Direction dir
FXuchar flow
FXuchar prec
FXuchar fmt
FXuchar dent
FXbool owns

Detailed Description

Serialize a variant to or from JSON formatted file.

Member Function Documentation

◆ fill()

virtual FXbool FX::FXJSONFile::fill ( )

Fill buffer from file.

Return false if not open for reading, or fail to read from disk.

Reimplemented from FX::FXJSON.

◆ flush()

virtual FXbool FX::FXJSONFile::flush ( )

Flush buffer to file.

Return false if not open for writing, or if fail to write to disk.

Reimplemented from FX::FXJSON.

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