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FX::FXGLVisual Class Reference

Visual describes pixel format of a drawable. More...

#include <FXGLVisual.h>

Inheritance diagram for FX::FXGLVisual:
FX::FXVisual FX::FXId FX::FXObject

Public Member Functions

 FXGLVisual (FXApp *a, FXuint flgs=VISUAL_DOUBLE_BUFFER)
 Construct default visual.
virtual void create ()
 Create visual.
virtual void detach ()
 Detach visual.
virtual void destroy ()
 Destroy visual.
FXint getRedSize () const
 Get sizes for bit-planes.
FXint getGreenSize () const
FXint getBlueSize () const
FXint getAlphaSize () const
FXint getDepthSize () const
FXint getStencilSize () const
FXint getMultiSamples () const
FXint getAccumRedSize () const
FXint getAccumGreenSize () const
FXint getAccumBlueSize () const
FXint getAccumAlphaSize () const
void setRedSize (FXint rs)
 Set sizes for bit-planes.
void setGreenSize (FXint gs)
void setBlueSize (FXint bs)
void setAlphaSize (FXint as)
void setDepthSize (FXint ds)
void setStencilSize (FXint ss)
void setMultiSamples (FXint ms)
void setAccumRedSize (FXint rs)
void setAccumGreenSize (FXint gs)
void setAccumBlueSize (FXint bs)
void setAccumAlphaSize (FXint as)
FXint getActualRedSize () const
 Get ACTUAL sizes for bit-planes.
FXint getActualGreenSize () const
FXint getActualBlueSize () const
FXint getActualAlphaSize () const
FXint getActualDepthSize () const
FXint getActualStencilSize () const
FXint getActualMultiSamples () const
FXint getActualAccumRedSize () const
FXint getActualAccumGreenSize () const
FXint getActualAccumBlueSize () const
FXint getActualAccumAlphaSize () const
FXbool isDoubleBuffer () const
 Is it double buffered?
FXbool isStereo () const
 Is it stereo?
FXbool isAccelerated () const
 Is it hardware-accelerated?
FXbool isBufferSwapCopy () const
 Does it swap by copying instead of flipping buffers.
virtual void save (FXStream &store) const
 Save visual info to a stream.
virtual void load (FXStream &store)
 Load visual info to a stream.
virtual ~FXGLVisual ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FX::FXVisual
 FXVisual (FXApp *a, FXuint flgs=VISUAL_DEFAULT, FXuint hnt=32)
 Construct visual.
FXuchar getType () const
 Get visual type.
void * getVisual () const
 Get visual or pixel format.
void setFlags (FXuint flgs)
 Change option flags.
FXuint getFlags () const
 Get option flags.
void setHint (FXuint hnt)
 Change hints.
FXuint getHint () const
 Get hints.
FXuint getDepth () const
 Get depth, i.e. number of significant bits in color representation.
FXuint getNumColors () const
 Get number of colors.
FXuint getNumRed () const
 Get number of reds.
FXuint getNumGreen () const
 Get number of greens.
FXuint getNumBlue () const
 Get number of blues.
FXPixel getPixel (FXColor clr)
 Get device pixel value for color.
FXColor getColor (FXPixel pix)
 Get color value for device pixel value.
void setMaxColors (FXuint maxcols)
 Set maximum number of colors to allocate.
FXuint getMaxColors () const
 Get maximum number of colors.
virtual ~FXVisual ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FX::FXId
FXAppgetApp () const
 Get application.
FXID id () const
 Get XID handle.
void setUserData (FXptr ptr)
 Set user data pointer.
FXptr getUserData () const
 Get user data pointer.
virtual ~FXId ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from FX::FXObject
const FXchar * getClassName () const
 Get class name of some object.
FXbool isMemberOf (const FXMetaClass *metaclass) const
 Check if object is member of metaclass.
virtual long tryHandle (FXObject *sender, FXSelector sel, void *ptr)
 Try handle message safely, catching certain exceptions.
virtual long onDefault (FXObject *, FXSelector, void *)
 Called for unhandled messages.
virtual ~FXObject ()
 Virtual destructor.

Static Public Member Functions

static FXbool hasOpenGL (FXApp *application)
 Test if if OpenGL is supported.

Protected Attributes

FXuchar redSize
FXuchar greenSize
FXuchar blueSize
FXuchar alphaSize
FXuchar depthSize
FXuchar stencilSize
FXuchar multiSamples
FXuchar accumRedSize
FXuchar accumGreenSize
FXuchar accumBlueSize
FXuchar accumAlphaSize
FXuchar actualRedSize
FXuchar actualGreenSize
FXuchar actualBlueSize
FXuchar actualAlphaSize
FXuchar actualDepthSize
FXuchar actualStencilSize
FXuchar actualMultiSamples
FXuchar actualAccumRedSize
FXuchar actualAccumGreenSize
FXuchar actualAccumBlueSize
FXuchar actualAccumAlphaSize
FXbool doubleBuffer
FXbool stereoBuffer
FXbool accelerated
FXbool copying
- Protected Attributes inherited from FX::FXVisual
void * visual
FXID colormap
FXuint maxcolors
FXuint numcolors
FXuint numred
FXuint numgreen
FXuint numblue
FXuint depth
FXuint flags
FXuint hint
FXuchar type
FXbool freemap
void * scrollgc
void * gc
FXPixel rpix [16][256]
FXPixel gpix [16][256]
FXPixel bpix [16][256]
FXPixel lut [256]
- Protected Attributes inherited from FX::FXId
FXID xid


class FXWindow
class FXImage
class FXIcon
class FXBitmap
class FXDCWindow

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from FX::FXVisual
enum  {
  Unknown, Mono, Gray, Index,
 Visual types. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FX::FXVisual
void setuptruecolor ()
void setupdirectcolor ()
void setuppseudocolor ()
void setupstaticcolor ()
void setupgrayscale ()
void setupstaticgray ()
void setuppixmapmono ()
void setupcolormap ()
void * setupgc (FXbool)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from FX::FXId
 FXId (FXApp *a)

Detailed Description

Visual describes pixel format of a drawable.

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