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FX::FXEventLoop Class Reference

Recursive event loop. More...

#include <FXEventLoop.h>

Public Types

enum  { ModalForNone =0, ModalForWindow =1, ModalForPopup =2 }

Public Member Functions

 FXEventLoop (FXEventLoop **inv, FXWindow *win=NULL, FXuint mode=0)
 Initialize event loop.
void setDispatcher (FXEventDispatcher *disp)
 Set dispatcher.
FXEventDispatchergetDispatcher () const
 Get dispatcher.
FXbool isModal (FXWindow *window) const
 Test if the window is involved in a modal invocation.
FXWindowgetModalWindow () const
 Return modal window of event loop.
FXuint getModality () const
 Return mode of event loop.
void stop (FXint value)
 Break out of topmost event loop, closing all nested loops.
void stopModal (FXWindow *window, FXint value)
 Break out of modal loop matching window, and all deeper ones.
void stopModal (FXint value)
 Break out of modal loop, and all deeper non-modal ones.
 ~FXEventLoop ()
 Destroy event loop.

Detailed Description

Recursive event loop.

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